Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Holy Crap!

I'm old, I'm jaded and I don't startle easily. That said I experienced a moment of genuine surprise today. The occasion?

Mission of Burma's available as a download pack for Rock Band!

Now if only "Academy Fight Song" was available as a download my life would be complete.

BTW, it's a novel experience playing Rock Band with people who are much younger (read poorer) than you. The little savages have no taste in music. "Waaaah, waaaah!" they'd cry. "We want to play something that's not the Pixies. The Pixies suck!"

Fortunately since I'm older and wiser I was able to set them straight. I'm the guy that owns the console and the game, so it's my vicarious fantasies of rock stardom that we're going to be living out. And those fantasies have nothing to do with Bobby Spears or whatever her name is.

And the Pixies rock.